Mats Vineyard


All our wineries have a special story. Mathew has either had the pleasure of farming the vineyards, consulted to the farmer or is a personal friend. This gives us the ability to choose wines that we know, love and can recommend from our hearts.

“I can’t promise you that you will like all of them, but I can promise you that I will be honest in my assessment and comments, and hopefully you will find your own little journey through our wines.” – Mathew


Its easy to see why they call him the Big Easy. There are two reasons. Firstly he is a big guy with a very easy going personality. One of the nice guys. Secondly because of […]


My Last 2 years in South Africa , before moving to Denmark, were spent running the gorgeous Rust en Vrede Estate. It means Rest and Peace – not rust and anger as translated in Danish. […]

THELEMA Mountain Vineyards

In my early days as a viticulturist I used to ride my motor bike to the estate and stare at the beautiful vineyards through the gate. It always seemed to be closed – with a […]


Domain Aalsgaard is one of Denmark´s official wine farms and also one of the oldest. The first wine was planted in 1975 but it was only in the 80´s that the wine growing started to […]

Vester Ulslev Vingaard

Vester Ulslev has just been voted the top winery in Denmark at the 2011 Dansk Vinshow. We are very proud to be associated with this great little winery. Mathew is the vineyard consultant. Preben Jørgensen […]

Kelleris Vingaard

Søren Hartvig Jensen of Kelleris vingaard is the first Danish wine farmer that I met. Friends of Lonnies live nearby and insisted I had to come see this beautiful vineyard. I was skeptical but after […]


Marklew wines have arrived in Denmark. Billy and his sister Haidee have been friends of mine for years. They have entertained me and put up with my antics in their cellar and it is a […]


Philip Myburgh, the proprieter of De Meye (together with his father Jan) is my best friend. We are seldom seen apart in SA when I am home and have a knack of getting into heaps […]