Mats Vineyard

De Meye Chenin Blanc 2010

“Ok so this must be my favourite all day drinking wine. Phil and I have spent so many hours at our local side walk café drinking bottle after bottle. Your palatte just doesn’t tire of it. Its well balanced acids and fruity taste leave you feeling refreshed. It feels like the coca cola of white wine.

Chenin Blanc also known as Pineau de la Loire is the most widely planted cultivar in South Africa. In the 1960’s a brand called Lieberstein (a semi sweet version of Chenin blanc) enjoyed notoriety as the single biggest selling brand in the world.” – Mathew

“Best served chilled with fresh salads, a variety of mild cheeses, fish, chicken cannelloni, sushi and creamy mussels.  An all-time all-round favourite!” – Lonnie


Winemaker Marcus Milners Tasting Notes

Aroma: Tropical fruit aromas of peach, winter melon.  Flinty mineral hints, backed by an undertone of green pepper.

Palate : An elegant wine, with the nose following well onto the palate.  Showcasing green apple, winter melon, pineapple, green pepper and minerals.  Well-balanced acidity and long clean finish completes this wine.

Vinification/Maturation: Grapes were hand picked and pressed at a sugar level of 23ºB.  Fermentation took place in stainless steel tanks.

Chemical Analysis: Alcohol – 12.5 vol%; pH – 3.6; Acidity – 6 g/l Res. sugar – 1.1 g/l

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