Mats Vineyard


“A big trend in South Africa is the Blend. Our climate is sometimes a bit harsh so we have learned that blending a few cultivars brings out the best in them. Trutina is De Meye’s flagship wine and quite close to Philips heart. I learned how precious it is after many years begging for a few bottles for my birthday and never receiving any. At The 2009 Michael Angelo awards the 2001 Trutino won the Golden Oldie award – an award for the wine that aged the best. This speaks of class and character. We are very privelaged  to be able to offer this wine at such good value. Thank you Phil – eventually I get to drink as much as I like.” Mathew

“Best served with game, especially springbok & kudu, oxtail, a juicy beef steak or ostrich, prime rib with Bordelaise Sauce.  (red wine & marrow sauce), French onion soup, lasagna, moussaka & beef bourguignon.” Mathew


Grape Variety: 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Merlot, 10% Shiraz

Winemaker Marcus Milners Tasting Notes

Aroma: Packed with dark chocolate, coffee, violets, black cherry, bramble and cedar.  Palate –Supple and balanced tannins with an intense palate of coffee, Christmas pudding, cloves and chocolate following through from the nose.  Although a dry wine, you will also find a pleasant, black cherry “sweetness” on the finish.

Climate: Mediterranean–rainfall ± 650mm per annum. The vineyard faces southeast and a cool westerly wind during the ripening period months ensures healthy balanced grapes.

Soil: Rich fertile soil, create ideal conditions for healthy, ripe grapes.

Vinification/Maturation: Grapes were picked from vines dating back to 1976 and 1988, with a yield of just 6 tons per hectare and at a sugar level of 25 ºB and was then fermented in stainless steel tanks.    This wine was aged in new as well as 2nd fill French oak barrels for 22 months.  Blending took place after barrel maturation in the following percentages: 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, for the first time 15% Merlot and 10% Shiraz.

Chemical Analysis: Alcohol – 14 vol%; pH – 3.7; Acidity – 5.4 g/l; Res. sugar – 1.6 g/l

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