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Domain Aalsgaard is one of Denmark´s official wine farms and also one of the oldest. The first wine was planted in 1975 but it was only in the 80´s that the wine growing started to expand. Domain Aalsgaard has 2000 wines and are growing 5 different types. The harvest is every year in October around 100 days after flowering. A sunny fall ads a lot of fruit sugar and taste to the grapes. The harvest is the wine years biggest celebration at Domain Aalsgaard. After cleaning, stalking, crushing and pressing the grapes the wine will ferment in huge steel tanks in the winery untill they are completely dry.

Domain Aalsgaarde is one of the oldest wine farms in Denmark, dating back to 1975. Lars Hagerman grows 5 different grape varieties on 0.7Ha of land. He has a total of 2000 vines. Ortega, Madeleine Angevine, Siegerrebe,Kerner and the fifth grape, Solaris, was planted in 2005.

Domain Aalsgaard “winery” consists of some micro equipment in his garage and a Cellar/laboratorie is in a shed in his garden. The vineyards are a little way away, on the outskirts of Aalsgaard. Lars is a real character and is well respected in the wine community for his knowledge of the local conditions. He is consulted by most new wine farmers asking advice from the wise old man.

We are offering two of Lar’s wines in our shop, the Solaris and the Ortega. A third wine that we have an association with is the Madelein Angevine that we supply to Karierre Bar in Kødbyen. They are sold in smaller 500ml bottles – a really handy way if you are just looking for 3 glasses of wine.

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