Mats Vineyard


Its easy to see why they call him the Big Easy. There are two reasons. Firstly he is a big guy with a very easy going personality. One of the nice guys. Secondly because of his biiiig and Easy golf stroke. Man can he hit a ball far. Ernie has many golfing accolades. He has won four majors including the 2012 British Open championship, topped the world golf rankings – toppled by the upcoming Tiger Woods, and topped the European money list untill 2011 AND been in the top 10 world ranking for a record 788 weeks.

In 2009 I was privileged to be asked to lead Ernies Vineyard team in a drive to renew and redefine his viticultural practices. It is a property I know very well. Way before the cellar was built I used to farm the beautiful estate, Uva Mira which is above  Ernie els wines on the steep slopes of the Helderberg mountain. I had a Yamaha XT500 offroad bike and used to cross the property every day a few times between my office and the new Uva Mira up the mountain. So it felt like coming home. I had watched all the vineyards been planted originally and was now replanting, re planning and regenerating them for Ernie. Louis Strydom, the very successful winemaker taught me a lot in the cellar and being part of such a professional business was a great step in my personal development.
The wines are world class and have already racked up quite a reputation. But in those beautiful soils its not so difficult (Right Louis?). On your next trip to South Africa visit the cellar. The building is very impressive, the view is breath taking, the service is world class and the wines – well you can try them here at Mats Vineyard. I know you will be back for more.

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