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All about us!

MATS VINEYARD was founded in 2010 by the South African viticulturist* Mathew Castle and his Danish girlfriend Lonnie Johnsen. To pursue his dreams of establishing his own wine brand in Copenhagen, Mathew left behind him a long career as a viticulturist in Stellenbosch, Cape Town. He is now based in Copenhagen where the two of them import great quality wine from a few selected wineries in South Africa that are very close to Mathew´s heart and where they have spent quite some time testing the grapes together…

Mathew has worked for Thelema, Rust en Vrede Estate and Ernie Els wines, all on the foothills of the Helderberg Mountain in Stellenbosch. They are three of the top red wine producers in South Africa and are all part of a beautiful, dynamic wine region.

Lonnie has worked with fashion and design for many years and her aim is to provide fashion, art and design lovers with great wine in cool boxes. The art work on labels, wrapping and boxes will be created by a collection of well known Copenhagen designers and remarkable artists in co-operation with the best art directors.

MATS VINEYARD is creating some interesting concepts like MATS VINEYARD WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB where Mathew will select a mixed case of wine and deliver it to your front door on a weekly or monthly basis.

MATS VINEYARD web shop, where you can choose your own wines and have them delivered to you is just a click away and from time to time  Mathew will be hosting wine tastings and food and wine evenings with in conjunction with some of Copenhagens naughty chef’s and some other crazy passionate foodies.

* A viticulturist is a professional whose business is grapes. Viticulturists play important roles in the production of wine. These individuals usually strive to ensure that the grapes that will be used are grown in a manner that will provide maximum yield and flavor. Some trained viticulturists, however, work in other areas of the wine industry, as well.
Viticulture is a science. It is branch of horticulture that concentrates on the study of vines. A graduate of such studies is called a viticulturist.
This individual plays a fundamental role in the wine production process. All grapes are not suitable for profitable wine-making. A viticulturist is a person who is trained to grow grapes that are suitable. He applies various types of scientific knowledge, combined with agricultural techniques, to impact the yield of grape vines and the quality of the grapes that are produced.
To do this, a viticulturist needs to be educated about soil types. Profitable grapes cannot be grown in all types of soil. There are some soil types that are not suitable as they are, but that can be made suitable using fertilization or other techniques. He needs to know how to prepare whatever type of soil he is working with for planting.

For the Danes: MATS VINEYARD er startet i 2010 af den sydafrikanske vinbonde Mathew Castle og hans danske kæreste Lonnie Johnsen. Udover den sydafrikanske vinimport producerer de vine i eget navn – blandt andet en cool BiB linje designet i samarbejde med favoritkunstnere og spradebasser.

Photo: Sofie Bågøe Anthonisen


  1. Kim Andersen
    August 21, 2011

    Please sign me up for your newsletter! I’m a huge fan of good, SA wine!

  2. David Farr
    August 22, 2011

    Rust en Vrede… that’s quite a claim to fame, and the most expensive (worth all the cash paid ) wine I ever bought 🙂

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