Mats Vineyard

Kelleris Vingaard

Søren Hartvig Jensen of Kelleris vingaard is the first Danish wine farmer that I met. Friends of Lonnies live nearby and insisted I had to come see this beautiful vineyard. I was skeptical but after sneaking a peak and meeting Søren and his wife Susanne in 2009 I have changed my mind. I currently consult to Søren in the vineyards and I can tell you that he and Susanne put so much effort and spare no costs in creating the best possible environment to give the vines the best opportunity to produce quality grapes. This philosophy was rewarded when in 2007 the 2006 Utopia Rex won the award for the best Danish red wine at the Danish wine show.  These wines are expensive by most standards, but you have to understand that the Danish climate makes it so difficult to produce grapes consistently and cost effectively, so the Danish wine farmer has no choice but to charge what he does.

Mats Vineyard is very proud to offer two wines from Kelleris vingaard. The 2006 award winning Utopia Rex and the 2006 Utopia, both made from the grape variety Rondo. It is the first time that I work with these grapes so I look forward to learning a lot and hopefully teaching Søren a little.  These wines are interesting and definitely worth a try. I have surprised a few South African winemakers with them.


Vinbonden Mathew Castle konsulterer til danske vinbønder – blandt andet til Kelleris Vingård der producerer danske rødvine af høj kvalitet.

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