Mats Vineyard



So far the most popular red under the De meye Label on MATS VINEYARD. This full bodied wine is a real steal at the price. Try it with a biiiiiiig juicy steak and think of me while you drink it. Ill be jealeous of both.Mathew

Winemaker Marcus Milners Tasting Notes

Aroma: Clean and seductively smokey, with liquorices, eucalyptus, cloves and black currant jam.

Palate: Be on the lookout for a mouthwatering savouriness, with loads of black cherry, minerals, cedar and pencil shavings.  Balanced oaking gives a rounded tannin structure and a lengthy, toasty finish.

Climate: Mediterranean–rainfall ± 650mm per annum. The vineyard faces south-east and a cool westerly wind during the ripening period months ensures healthy balanced grapes.

Soil: Rich fertile soil, create ideal conditions for healthy, ripe grapes.

Vinification/Maturation: Grapes were hand picked from 40% old clone and 60% from new clone vineyards, with a yield of approximately 6 tons per hectare and at a sugar level of 25 ºB and was then fermented in stainless steel tanks.    Barrel maturation took place in new as well as 2nd fill barrels for 16 months.  90% of barrels are French oak with 10% American oak.


Chemical Analysis: Alcohol – 14 vol%; pH – 3.7; Acidity – 5.4 g/l; Res. sugar – 1.7 g/l


Price: 105.00 DKK

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DE MEYE SHIRAZ ROSÉ 2015 (sold out)

Since its arrival in Copenhagen this little wine has caused quite a stir. Dry, crisp and fruity it is very different to what you expect. Pleasantly so. The colour is so nice – not your average pale pink Rose. I cant wait for summer for the true potential to be seen. Long lazy afternoons. A glass of pink and good friends. Drink it cold. It is honestly one of the best Rose’s I have ever tasted. I have had so many compliments from Danish guys and once you’ve tasted it you will know why.” – Mathew

Winemaker Marcus Milners tasting notes

Aroma: Seductive aromas of raspberries, watermelon, strawberry and toffee apples, with hints of white pepper.

Palate: Crisp and dry palate, characterised by watermelon, red apple, cranberry and subtle spice. Long, clean finish.

Climate: Mediterranean–rainfall ± 650mm per annum.  Vineyards are situated on De Meye in the western part of the Muldersvlei region, north of Stellenbosch.  The vineyard faces south-east and a cool westerly wind during the ripening period months ensures healthy balanced grapes.

Soil: Rich fertile soil, create ideal conditions for healthy, ripe grapes.

Vinification/Maturation: Grapes were hand picked from vines with a yield of approximately 8 tons per hectare and at a sugar level of 25ºB. Whole-bunch pressed, with a 2 hour skin contact.  Fermented in stainless steel tanks.

Chemical Analysi: Alcohol -12.5 vol%; pH – 3.6; Acidit – 6 g/l; Res. sugar – 1.1 g/l


Price: 80.00 DKK

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LITTLE RIVER SHIRAZ 2010 (sold out)

Winemaker Marcus Milners Tasting Notes

Aroma: A cocktail of berries with hints of freshly crushed green peppercorns, cedar and a vanilla oakiness.

Palate: A well-integrated wine with loads of fruit, red berries and black pepper – very drinkable now.

Chemical Analysis: Alcohol – 14.55 vol%; pH – 3.72; Acidity – 5.3 g/l; Res. sugar – 2.4 g/l


Price: 65.00 DKK

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“The Capensis is a celebration of the Cape Floral kingdom with all its diverse beauty. This Cape blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and Pinotage is smooth, fresh and elegant. Its nose and colour mirror the rich aromas and colours of the “fynbos” found in the surrounding mountains.” – Mathew

Winemaker Duan Britz’s notes: Fresh elegance, well balanced with plush velvety feel and classic dryness. Capensis 2004 can be enjoyed now but will definitely improve with bottle age.  Drink 2 -7 years from vintage.

Climate: Mediterranian.

Soil: Red hutton

Vinification/maturation: Capensis was made from the top selection of barrels of the 2004 vintage. The blend consists of 45% Cabernet Sauvignon, 32.5%  Merlot, 12.5% Shiraz and 10% Pinotage. A selection of top dry land vineyard blocks ranging from 7 – 17 years old. Individual cultivars were oaked in 90% new wood and 10% second fill French and American oak barrels for 12 months.  The wine was then blended and returned to second fill French barrels for an additional 6 months to integrate the rich flavours, big structure and loads of fruit.

Chemical Analysis: Alcohol – 13.9 vol%; Res. Sugar – 2.00; Acidity – 5.90;  pH – 3.61


Price: 160.00 DKK

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RUST EN VREDE Shiraz 2011

Mathew Castle about the RV Shiraz:

I’m clearly a Shiraz fan, and possibly a Rust en Vrede fan too so would it surprise you to hear that this is my favourite

wine in the whole world. Something about it just blows my mind. I feel a warmth and happiness flowing through my

body from the first sip. Coenie whats those funny green weeds growing in the vineyard? It has the distinctive smokyness

and subtle spice of a great Shiraz.


But dont listen to me – who am I to tell you what YOU like. Try it for yourself and if by some chance you dont like it – well then all the more left for me.


Winemaker Coenie Snyman’s Tasting Notes:

Beautiful expressive aromas of deep plum and red fruit are prominent in this wine, with a subtle undertone of fresh spice.

Juicy red fruit show exceptional follow-through from the nose. A rich mid-palate mouth feel with a well-rounded lengthy finish.


Colour : Bright opaque.

Aroma : Red fruit and toffee aromas are prominent, with hints of white pepper and spice.

Palate : A big powerful, fruit driven wine, with smooth chocolate flavours. Great mid palate with seamless integration

that leads up to a lengthy harmonious finish.

Vinification: Fermented in open tank fermentors and pumped over five times per day. Each Shiraz clone (6) sees a

unique treatment of yeast and wood. Matured fifty percent in new French oak and fifty percent American oak

(half new and half second fill), the wood maturation lasts 18 months. After blending the wine undergoes

bottle-maturation for a further eighteen months.


Price: 230.00 DKK

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