Mats Vineyard

THELEMA Mountain Vineyards

In my early days as a viticulturist I used to ride my motor bike to the estate and stare at the beautiful vineyards through the gate. It always seemed to be closed – with a sold out sign hanging from the gate. Thelema had a cult following and a reputation as leaders in wine farming business. They never advertised or entered competition, and yet they were in the top 3 wineries in the country every year, along with the prestigious Kanonkop and Vergelegen estates.

I had the huge privelage of running the vineyards at Thelema for eight beautiful years. I planted over 60% of the current vineyards and had a hand in some memorable vintages, mountain fires, celebrations and the infamous parties at my house that will go down in history. How I didnt get fired after a few of them amazes me.

It is where I really leaned about wine growing. I had the best local and international mentors available and the owner Gyles Webb would spare nothing to get the best results in the vineyards.

If ever you are in South Africa you have to go and see this amazing property high up the slopes of the Simonsberg, that looks all the way over to Cape Town. The vineyards are pristine and the scenery is unmatched.

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