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Vester Ulslev Vingaard

Vester Ulslev has just been voted the top winery in Denmark at the 2011 Dansk Vinshow. We are very proud to be associated with this great little winery. Mathew is the vineyard consultant.

Preben Jørgensen and his wife Mette bought their farm in Lolland in the South of Zealand in 1992. Apart from making wine Preben also farms with sheep and bees. All this while he is consulting to Danaid and the World Bank on electricity supply to third world countries.

Preben makes his wine in the old Italian tradition of straw wine. He lays his grapes on beds of straw and allows them to slowly dry out. This concentrates the flavor and adds a nice complexity to the wine.  The vineyards have had no pesticides on them for a number of years and Preben has now applied for Organically Grown Grapes status from the Danish authorities. Preben and Mette would dearly love to farm the grapes under bio-dynamic principles. This beautiful dynamic was established in the 1920’s by Rudolph Steiner and is a unified approach to agriculture that relates the ecology of the farm-organism to that of the entire cosmos. They farm according to phases of the moon and use really kind and effective ways of balancing nature with agriculture.

Vester Ulslev Vingaard offers three different wines. Red Label, Blue Label and Green Label.   The Blue and Red Labels are grown from the grape varieties Regent, Leon Millot and Rondo and the Green Lable from Leon millot and Rondo.

Well worth a visit when you are down south and definitely worth trying the wines.


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