Mat´s Vineyard

MATS VINEYARD was founded in 2010 by the South African winefarmer Mathew Castle and his Danish wife Lonnie Castle. To pursue his dreams of establishing his own wine brand in Denmark, Mathew left behind him a long career as a viticulturist in Stellenbosch, Cape Town. He is now based in Humlebæk where he imports great quality wine from a few selected wineries in South Africa that are very close to Mathew´s heart. 

Besides from selling his favourite wines to the Danes, Mathew is still consulting as a viticulturist to wine estates both in South Africa and Denmark. A viticulturist studies and applies growing processes of grape vines to produce the amount and quality of grapes necessary for wine production. A viticulturist has an understanding of optimum ripeness and proper harvesting of grapes and is mastering design and implement pest and disease control programs following pest management practices with a sustainable farming approach. 

Mat´s Vineyard by Mathew Castle

Kellerisvej 96
3490 Kvistgård


+45 2897 0714

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